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Hippolyte d’ALBIS

  • Member
  • Le Cercle des économistes


Present positions :

  • Senior scientist, CNRS
  • Professor in economics, Paris School of Economics
  • Director of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Demographie
  • Director of the french team of the National Transfer Accounts
  • Associate editor of the Journal of Economic Demography and of the Journal of the Economics of Ageing and Public Finance Review.

Positions held :

  • Member, Institut universitaire de France
  • Professor, Pantheon Sorbonne University
  • Deputy director for science, Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, CNRS
  • Professor, University of Montpellier
  • Assistant professor, University of Toulouse

Education :

  • PhD in economics, University Paris 1
  • Master in mathematical economics, University Paris 1 et Ecole Centrale Paris
  • Master in finance, University Paris 2

Main publications :

  • Financing the Consumption of Young and Old in France (with C. Bonnet, X. Chojnicki, N. El Mekkaoui, A. Greulich, J. Hubert and J. Navaux). Population and Development Review 45 (1), 103-132, 2019.
  •  Immigration and Public Finances in OECD Countries (with E. Boubtane and D. Coulibaly). Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 99, 116-151, 2019.
  •  Development, Fertility and Childbearing Age: A Unified Growth Theory (with A. Greulich and G. Ponthière). Journal of Economic Theory 177, 461-494, 2018.
  •  Macroeconomic Evidence suggests that Asylum Seekers are not a “Burden” for Western European Countries (with E. Boubtane and D. Coulibaly). Science Advances 4 (6): eaaq0883, 2018.
  • Immigration Policy and Macroeconomic Performance in France (with E. Boubtane and D. Coulibaly). Annals of Economics and Statistics 121-122, 279-308, 2016.
  • Is Low Fertility Really a Problem? Population Aging, Dependency, and Consumption (with R. Lee, A. Mason et al.). Science 346 (6206), 229-234, 2014.
  • Persistent Differences in Mortality Patterns across Industrialized Countries (with L. J. Esso and H. Pifarré i Arolas). PLoS ONE 9(9): e106176, 2014.
  • Age Groups and the Measure of Population Aging (with F. Collard). Demographic Research 29 (23), 617-640, 2013.
  • Mortality Transition and Differential Incentives for Early Retirement (with S. P. Lau and M. Sanchez-Romero). Journal of Economic Theory 147 (1), 261-283, 2012.

Economic field of expertise

  • Macroeconomics, growth
  • Longevity, ageing
  • Migration
  • Intergenerational transfers