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Present positions 

– Professor at the University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne
– Professor at the Paris School of Economics
– Non-resident researcher, Bruegel
– Member of the High Council for Financial Stability
– Member of the Council of Mandatory Contributions
– Member of the Conseil National de Productivité
– Member of the Conseil général de la Banque de France

Previous positions 

– Member of the Policy committee to the French Ministry of finance
– Chairperson of the Conseil d’Analyse économique (Council of Economic Analysis)
– Professor, University Lillle 2, University Paris – Nanterre and Ecole polytechnique
– Director at CEPII, Centre for Prospective Studies and International Information
– Columnist, France-Culture
– President of the French Association of Economic Sciences

Educations and degrees 

– PhD in Economics at the University Paris IX – Dauphine
– Graduated, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris

Main publications 


– Economic Policy, with B. Coeuré, P. Jacquet et J. Pisani-Ferry, De Boeck, 4th edition 2017
– Interest Rates, with L. Boone et V. Coudert, la Découverte, 3rd edition 2015.
– Economic Policy, withB. Coeuré, P. Jacquet et J. Pisani-Ferry, De Boeck, 4th edition 2017.
– The international monetary system: an introduction, Livre sonore, De Vive Voix, 58 min., 2012
– Economy of the Euro, with B. Coeuré, La Découverte, collection Repères, 3rd edition, 2014.
– International Monetary Macroeconomics, Economica, 2nd edition 2015.

Book chapters and other publications

– “Memo for the Commissioner responsible for taxation,” in Demertzis, M., and G. Wolff (eds.), Braver, Greener, Fairer, Memos to the EU leadership 2019-2024, pp. 114-129, Bruegel, September 2019.
– “Towards a Franco-German approach on Euro area’s economic governance”, in Nida-Rümelin, J., von Daniels, D., and N. Wloka (eds.), Internationale Gerechtigkeit und Institutionelle Verantwortung, De Gruyter, pp. 205-220, 2019.
– “La connaissance au service de la société”, in Savoir, Penser, Rêver, p. 83-103, Flammarion, 2018.
– Macroprudential developments in the macroeconomic policy framework in the euro area, Annales des Mines, août 2018, pp. 79-83.
– “Unequal imbalances”, in Ordo-liberalism vs. Anglo-Saxon-Latin pragmatism: Incompatible economic philosophies?, CEPR ebook, 22 novembre 2017.
– Europe’s Political Spring: Fixing the Eurozone and Beyond, with Francesco Giavazzi, Vox-EU, 31 mai 2017.
– The euro zone in search of coordination, Revue Française d’Economie, n°125 spécial « L’Europe après 60 ans », 1er trimestre, 2017.
– Making the most of the European single market, avec V. Aussilloux, C. Fuest et G. Wolff, Note du Conseil d’Analyse Economique n°38, février 2017. Making the best of the European single market, Bruegel Policy Contribution n°3, 2017.
– “Making the European semester more efficient”, in Investment and growth in advanced economies, Conference proceedings, ECB forum on central banking, Sintra, 26-28 June 2017, pp. 325-332.
– “Jobs union”, in A. Bénassy-Quéré and F. Giavazzi, eds., Europe’s political spring: fixing the eurozone and beyond, CEPR ebook, 31 May 2017.
– Reconciling risk sharing with market discipline: A constructive approach to euro area reform, Franco-German Report, 17 janvier 2018,  CEPR Policy Insight No. 91, avec M. Brunnermeier, H. Enderlein, E. Farhi, M. Fratzscher, C. Fuest, P.-O. Gourinchas, P. Martin, J. Pisani-Ferry, H. Rey, I. Schnabel, N. Véron,  B. Weder di Mauro, and J. Zettelmeyer.
– “The International Monetary System in Perpetual Search of Stability”, in Bergsten, C. F. and A.G. Russell, International Monetary Cooperation: Lessons from the Plaza Accord after Thirty Years, chapter 13, Peterson Institute of International Economics, April 2016, pp. 237-260.
– “A sovereignless currency”, In Baldwin, R. and F. Giavazzi, eds., How to Fix Europe’s Monetary Union, CEPR e-book, 2016.
– Which fiscal union for the euro zone?, avec X. Ragot et G. Wolff, Note du Conseil d’Analyse Economique n°29, février 2016.
– “Maastricht flaws and remedies”, In Baldwin, R. and F. Giavazzi, eds., The Eurozone Crisis: A Consensus View of the Causes and a Few Possible Solutions, CEPR e-book, 2015.
– “The euro as an international currency”, In Badinger, H. and V. Nitsch (eds.), Handbook of the Economics of European Integration, 2015.

Research interests

International monetary issues; European integration; economic policy