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Thibault LANXADE

  • Président Directeur Général
  • Luminess


Thibault Lanxade has been CEO of the Luminess Group since October 2017, a leading BPO as a service company specialising in supporting digital transformations. Strongly committed to social and solidarity economy issues, since 2013, Thibault Lanxade has been a director, member of the Sommitale association, and Chairman of the risk committee of Klesia Prévoyance. This mandate has recently been extended to include the chairmanship of the Commission de Suivi des Activités Financières et Immobilières. He co-founded and chaired the "Sustainable Employment SME" investment fund from 2015 to 2019, created with Klésia, AG2r and ORCIP, in order to finance sustainable jobs in VSEs and SMEs. Since February 2022, he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of Urssaf, the national social security fund, and Chairman of the Orientation Council of UCANSS (Union des Caisses Nationales de Sécurité Sociale). In the field of health, since 2019 he has chaired the campaign committee of the Clinatec health endowment fund, a technical research platform developing breakthrough innovations, particularly in the field of neurological diseases. To help young employees and future entrepreneurs with their projects and visibility, Thibault Lanxade chaired the Positive Entreprise association from 2006 to 2013. He continued this commitment as Vice-President of the MEDEF in charge of VSE-SMEs, CSR and social and solidarity entrepreneurship, where he was a member of the Higher Council for the Social and Solidarity Economy from 2016 to 2019. Since February 2019, he has made a strong contribution to a better sharing of the value created in companies, as an ambassador for profit-sharing appointed by the government. He is the author of several publications such as "Chefs d’entreprise, l’Europe est à vous ! (2012), "Un patronat, pour quoi faire?" (2012), "Patronat, Syndicats, stops et encore!", "Carnet de campagne, et si c'était lui?" (2017), "Le dividende salarié" (2021)