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Olivier JAILLON is a serial entrepreneur. In 2000, he bought La Parisienne (France’s oldest insurer) and completely rethought its strategy in 2015 to transform it into Wakam, Europe's leading digital B2B2C insurer. Capitalizing on its zero-based design methodology and its innovative tech platform, Wakam has grown its revenue by +24% per year over the last 5 years (reaching €455 million in 2021, 60% of which is international), while always remaining profitable. Wakam has become a Mission-driven company in 2021 and, in this context, has set-up an endowment fund "Wakam for Good", aimed at protecting the most vulnerable populations. Wakam has won numerous awards: Wakam is notably part of the Financial Times 1000, Les Echos 500, INSURTECH 100 and of the “Nouveaux Conquérants de l'Economie” of Institut Choiseul. Previously, Olivier created his own B2B insurance brokerage company (in 1998), launched Assurdiscount.com, the first online B2C insurance website in France (in 1999) and also moved to the US to found a tech company in the early 2010s. Olivier is a graduate of EM Lyon Business School and holds a master’s degree from SDA Bocconi in International Economics and Management. He is also an alumni from INSEAD. Olivier is a member of the Board of Directors of the Tezos Foundation and author of the essay: The Intangible Age.