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  • Director, Investment Centre, FAO
  • Organisation des Nations unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture


Mr Mohamed Manssouri is the Director of the FAO Investment Centre. He is an agricultural economist and an expert in agricultural and rural development, food security and poverty reduction. Mr Manssouri was also service chief for Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, Near East, Latin America and the Caribbean. He first joined the FAO Investment Centre as a senior adviser in charge of quality enhancement, knowledge sharing and learning. He also coordinated FAO’s “Renewed Commitment to a Hunger-Free Horn of Africa” and led the development of resilience-building strategic plans and investment programmes in the Horn of Africa. Prior to joining FAO, he was Country Director with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), where he led the development and management of various country investment strategies and programmes in West and Central Africa, including Cabo Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Ghana, Niger, Republic of Congo. He also led several regional programmes in rural finance, community-driven development, conservation agriculture and regional agricultural policy. Within the scope of IFAD reform to enhance its development effectiveness, he led the preparation of IFAD’s Knowledge Management Strategy and other organizational change initiatives. He served on the United Nations High-Level Task Force on the Global Food Security Crisis, chaired by the UN Secretary-General. He also performed as a trainer in agricultural economics and gave lectures on Roma Tre University’s Master’s on Human Development and Food Security. He holds a BSc and an MSc from the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environment Sciences in France (AgroParisTech).