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Leonardo CURZIO

  • Journalist and scientific researcher
  • Grupo Fórmula, CISAN-UNAM


Researcher at the CISAN UNAM and National Researcher at SNI. He is the author of 10 books, co-author of 40 more published by prestigious universities such as California, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Valencia, UNAM, UAM, Australian National University, Oxford University Press, Brookings Institution among others. His latest published book is “El Presidente. Las filias y fobias que definirán el futuro del país” (2020).

He currently hosts a morning show "Así amanece" in ADN 40, and a very influential radio show "Leonardo Curzio en Formula" in Radio Formula. He is a member of the Advisory Council and columnist of El Universal.

He has been awarded by the President of Italy with the "Prix Italia nel Mondo". The Líderes Mexicanos magazine recognized his career and placed him among the 300 most influential leaders Mexico. He has been decorated Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur of France.