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After a few years at Groupe Rocher, Bris joined the auditing firm Arthur Andersen in 2000. From this experience, Bris became convinced that "the best business models are worthless as long as the fundamentals that ensure the credibility of a company are not respected". This conviction would be affirmed 19 years later by Groupe Rocher’s adoption of the mission driven company status within the meaning of the PACTE law. In 2003, Bris was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Groupe Rocher In 2006, he officially took over the management of the company, and then, following the death of his grandfather in December 2009, Bris was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors. In the years that followed, profound strategic changes were made, Bris Rocher pushed for the internationalisation of the Group and its foray into social selling. As CEO of the first international group to have given itself a social or environmental objective that complements and structures its economic performance objectives, Bris Rocher has become one of the leading figures in the mission driven company’s status. The quality of his interventions led the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery to entrust him with a government mission on sustainable business administration in May 2021. The Rocher Report, officially submitted on October 19, 2021, proposes 14 concrete recommendations and measures, resulting from discussions held during more than 150 hearings with experts, business leaders and actors committed to a responsible and inclusive economy.