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Introduction of Les Rencontres Économiques

Amphi 1 July 8, 2022 13:30 - 13:55


We have collectively experienced trauma and deep questioning in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. In a world marked by major changes, faced with the rise of doubts, risks and uncertainties, our societies are fractured, segmented and unstable. Making a success of the world’s transformations is now an obligation for all of us.
Major emergencies, although they existed before the pandemic, have been exacerbated by the recent crises: social tensions and questions about our relationship with work, climate upheavals, inequalities in access to healthcare, challenges to economic and consumption models, the rise of populism, and the rise of new geopolitical tensions… We are reaching a decisive moment, faced with an ultimatum, and we can no longer avoid or back down in the face of these emergencies.
Caught between the desire to return to the world as it was and the certainty that changes are being imposed both against us and with us, we have to question certain paradigms that have been dominant until now. In order to face the new state of the world, we need to review our priorities, rebuild our foundations and determine the ambitions we want to achieve collectively, in order to give meaning to our actions and behaviour.
New obligations are therefore imposed, in order to move towards an inclusive, peaceful and sustainable future by succeeding in: transforming lifestyles, transforming modes of production, transforming modes of governance and transforming globalisation.


Jean-Hervé LORENZI
Les Rencontres Économiques

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