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Declaration of the Rencontres Économiques

Amphi 1 July 10, 2022 13:15 - 13:45


We have entered a new world. A world in which priority must be given to youth and ecological transition. The Covid crisis and the Ukrainian crisis have shaken up our certainties and revealed the imperative need to guarantee our energy, industrial and food sovereignty. A world that requires training and skills to be adapted to the new challenges. A world marked by the sudden return of inflation, by rising interest rates, by weak growth, by the increasing scarcity of goods and resources, by a debt that is reaching record levels and in some countries by ageing populations.
In this context of major upheavals, the specific French difficulties arise. The country is now plunged into a thick political and economic fog and into a phase of profound social uncertainty.
However, the economic debate has never been so weak or even non-existent. The increase in abstention bears witness to the disconnection of the French with political life, but also to the social fracture and the polarisation of society. It is urgent to make a joint diagnosis and to define a new method to re-launch the debate in order to provide concrete answers to the concerns of the French. 
What answers can be given to short-term problems while at the same time leading the long-term transformation of our society?


Françoise BENHAMOU
Le Cercle des économistes
Jean-Hervé LORENZI
Les Rencontres Économiques

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