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Special Speaker – Transformations as seen by Melinda French Gates

Parc Jourdan July 9, 2022 07:30 - 08:00


The world is undergoing unprecedented transformation. The Covid crisis and the Ukrainian crisis have profoundly changed our view of the world and revealed the need to build more resilient societies. By multiplying emergencies, they have plunged hundreds of millions of people into economic, social and food insecurity. 
At the forefront of the victims of these tensions, women and girls have experienced unprecedented suffering throughout the world. All these crises have threatened their place in society, their health, their education, their livelihoods, their lives.
We need to find solutions that will enable us to overcome these challenges. What answers can we give to short-term problems while at the same time carrying out long-term transformations in our society? How, in this difficult context, can we successfully transform the world? 
Melinda French Gates brings us her vision of the transformations of the world.