Director of the Research Institute of Labour Relations - Renmin University

Dr Kai Chang is Professor of Labour Law at the School of Labour and Human Resources, Renmin University, China. He is the Director of the Research Institute of Labour Relations of Renmin University. He is one of the principal founders of industrial relations research and education in China and holds the ‘State Council Expert’ status. Professor Chang is the Chairperson of the Labour Relations Branch of the China Human Resource Development Association; and Vice Chairperson of the Social Law Research Council, the Law Society of China. He has participated in the drafting of a number of labour laws in China. He is a visiting professor in a number of universities in China and Japan, including University of Tokyo. Professor Chang has published nearly 20 scholarly books and over 100 journal articles related to labour laws and industrial relations in China. Workers’ labour rights and labour disputes are two of Professor Chang’s main research focuses.

His publications include, for example, Chang, K. and Cooke, F. L. (2015), ‘Legislating the Right to Strike in China: Historical Development and Prospects’, Journal of Industrial Relations;Chang, K. (2013), Legitimacy and the legal regulation of strikes in China: A case study of the Nanhai Honda Strike. The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations29(2): 133-144; Taylor, B., Chang, K. and Li, Q. (2003), Industrial relations in China, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.  


Kai Chang – Government’s Labor Policies vs Ideal Labor Code Takong Labor Legislation in Chine as an Example

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