The Hall of Les Rencontres

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Les Rencontres, making meetings happen!

The venue of Les Rencontres Economiques d’Aix-en-Provence is a veritable arena for discussion, with areas dedicated specifically to students taking part in the competition, young entrepreneurs, experts on work, and book signings.

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Created two years ago with SNCF and Pays d’Aix Développement, the young entrepreneurs initiative within les Rencontres, helps fifty or so start-ups make contact with the businesses and speakers of their choice. Our future depends on the success of their projects, so make sure you are there.. Learn more (in French)


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“La Parole aux étudiants”: 100 students have been selected through this third edition of the competition. These future employers will be taking part in a whole range of interviews, meetings and debates!

Home page of “LaParole aux étudiants”  (in English)


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Almost twenty authors will be attending Les Rencontres, and will be happy to sign their latest books for you.

See the autors and the schedule of signing in programme des signatures (in English and French)


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In order to provide a global and impartial perspective on the subject of work, the Cercle des Economistes has invited experts specialising in various aspects of work. At this 15th edition of Les Rencontres, members of the public will get the chance to talk to experts from institutions and organisations.

Learn more (in French)


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The purpose of the campus project is to modernise and inject new vitality into the Aix-Marseille university campus. This project will provide the University of Aix-Marseille with well-structured, clearly identified, scientifically cohesive and up-to-date sites of excellence, the aim being to bring as many people as possible into higher education and to promote integration through knowledge.

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