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  • Chairwoman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer


Chairwoman of Sodexo’s Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Sophie Bellon has been Chairwoman of Sodexo’s Board of Directors since 2016 and Chief Executive Officer since 2022. Sophie started her career in 1984 in finance in the United States. She joined Sodexo’s finance team in 1994 and participated in key milestones in the company’s international development. After holding several positions in finance and strategy, she became CEO for Sodexo’s Corporate Services in France in 2008. In 2010, she also became Head of Facilities Management activities in France. In 2013, Sophie took overall responsibility for Sodexo’s Research, Development and Innovation strategy. That same year, she was appointed Vice Chairwoman of Sodexo’s Board of Directors, of which she has been a member since 1989. A strong advocate for the service industry, Sophie is committed to ensuring that its social value and its impact at the local level are recognized. Deeply concerned with the human aspects of these professions, she also drives diversity, equity and inclusion both within the company and throughout the community, including gender equality, which she sees as an essential lever for creativity, innovation and performance. She continues to develop the Group with the ambition to adapt the company to a fast-changing world while upholding Sodexo’s powerful fundamentals, including the combination of economic performance and sustainability. Sophie is also a Board member of L’Oréal, Catalyst, and of the French Association of Private Enterprises.