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L’agora virtuelle

Welcome to our virtual Agora!

This interactive space is designed to offer you a platform for expression where you can share your ideas and interact with other participants. Whether you want to ask questions, share your thoughts or comment on ongoing debates, the virtual Agora is an extension of the debates taking place in Aix-en-Provence. Join us now and make your voice heard!

Virtual Agora features

  • Ask questions in advance: You can ask your questions before the sessions so that the speakers can take them into account and answer them during their presentations. Simply select the session of your choice and make your contribution!
  • Comment live: Take an active part in the debates by leaving your comments in real time. Share your reactions and interact with other participants during the sessions.

Rules of good conduct

To ensure a respectful and constructive environment, please follow these two simple rules: respect each other’s opinions and contributions, and do not use offensive, discriminatory or inappropriate language. Moderation will be carried out, which may explain the delay between your question being sent and it being displayed on the screen.