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Pierre Ferracci, Chairman of Groupe ALPHA (France) Pierre Ferracci is a chartered accountant with a Master's in Applied Economics (Paris-Dauphine) and a DES in Economic Science. He is the Chairman and Founder of the Groupe ALPHA, an expert consulting group (900 people) focusing on the economic, social and environmental issues facing organisations. Groupe ALPHA is aimed at staff representatives, companies and public stakeholders, through: • Secafi, expert consulting for social and economic committees and trade union organisations to achieve informed and balanced compromises. • Semaphores, consulting and audit for companies and the public sector on the challenges of transforming organisations and establishing secure career paths. From 2014 to 2019, Pierre Ferracci chaired the National Education & Economics Council, a body for dialogue and foresight to express educational and economic issues more clearly. He has been a member of the French Employment Guidance Council and the Commission for the Liberation of French Growth. In 2008, he chaired the multi-stakeholder working group on vocational training, which led to the 2009 reform. Since 2012, he has been the Chairman and a majority shareholder of Paris FC, a professional football club (League 2) which has a benchmark Training Centre. In 2020, Pierre Ferracci appointed Estelle Sauvat as Chief Executive Officer of Groupe ALPHA, remaining Chairman of the Board of Directors and a majority shareholder until mid-2025.