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Natacha VALLA

  • Invited by
  • Le Cercle des économistes


Natacha VALLA, Dean of the School of Management and Impact at Sciences Po, President of France's Conseil National de La Productivité, was Deputy Director General of Monetary Policy at the ECB until 2020. An independent member of the Board of Directors of the LVMH, Scor and ASF/Cofiroute groups, she was also Executive Director of Economic Research at Goldman Sachs (2008-2014), after starting her career as an economist at the ECB (2001-2008). She has consulted for the IMF and OECD, and lectured at NYU, Florence, Paris-Dauphine and H.E.C. Natacha Valla holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University Institute of Florence.