Un événement organisé par

Marcelo NERI

  • Director & Founder
  • Centre de Politiques Sociales de la Fondation Getulio Vargas


Director of FGV Social and founder of the Center for Social Policies at the Getulio Vargas Foundation. He holds a PhD in Economics, Princeton University. Previously he was the Secretary-General of the Council of Economic and Social Development (CDES) and President of the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea). He was also Minister of Strategic Affairs. He has evaluated policies in more than a dozen countries and also designed and implemented policies at three government levels in Brazil. Designed and implemented conditional cash transfers (CCTs) programs such as Familia Carioca, Renda Melhor various aspects of Bolsa Familia, and the system of State level minimum wages. Professor Neri’s research focuses on social policies, microeconometrics and poverty. Over the last 30 years he has pointed first hand all major reversions in inequality and poverty in Brazil. He coordinated more than 60 research projects in this period. He has edited 12 books on Bolsa Família; Population Perceptions on Public Policies; Microcredit; Social Security; Diversity; Planning Public Policies; Rural Poverty; Evaluating the Local Impacts of Rio Olympics, Household Financial Behavior; and the New Middle Class (appointed to the Prêmio Jabuti, the main Brazilian literary award).