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  • Chief Executive Officer
  • SNK Corporation


Kenji Matsubara’s career kicked off with CPU development for mainframes and supercomputers at Hitachi, before transitioning to a role as a liaison between Japan Oracle and its U.S. headquarters after his tenure at MIT. In 2001, he made a pivot into the gaming industry, taking charge of Koei's (now Koei Tecmo) online gaming division. By 2007, he rose to the position of Representative Director and President, playing a key role in the integration with Tecmo. In 2010, Kenji continued his journey by leading Zynga Japan, expanding its social gaming footprint. Joining Sega Games (now Sega) in 2014, he became Representative Director and President in 2016, driving M&A activities in Europe and the United States, while also leading global business initiatives. Assuming the presidency of SNK Corporation in 2021, Kenji remains dedicated to the mission of "Entertain the World through Fantastic Experiences," focusing on structural reforms and global marketing strategies. Kenji is an active board member of CESA (Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association), nurturing game developers and supporting the "CEDEC" international conference. He has also contributed to academia as a professor at the University of Tokyo, Keio University, and Meiji University, enriching the education and research landscape in the field of entertainment. He received Master of Engineering degree from the University of Tokyo in 1986, and Master of Business Administration degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997.


July 5