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Gabrielle HALPERN


Doctor of philosophy, graduated of the École Normale Supérieure, Gabrielle Halpern has worked in the ministerial cabinet of the Minister of Economy and Finance, of the Secretary of State for Trade, Arts & Crafts, Consumer Affairs and Social Economy, of the Secretary of State for Research and Higher Education and of the Minister of Justice, as a "Foresight and speech-writing" advisor, before co-directing a start-up incubator and advising companies and public institutions.

Her research work focuses in particular on the question of hybridization since more than 15 years. She explores this notion of hybridization in many fields, whether that of society, innovation, culture, human resources, organizations, ecology, economics, art, technologies, territorial planning, science, education, public policies, etc.

She published different books to share her ideas. Today, along with her research work, she gives a lot of conferences throughout France and abroad on the subject of hybridization. She is recognized as an "intellectual influencer" in her country.