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Emmanuelle Malecaze-Doublet, Chief Executive Officer of PMU Year of birth: 1987 Academic references: Graduate of HEC Paris (2012) Biography: Emmanuelle Malecaze-Doublet was appointed CEO of PMU on July 8th, 2022, becoming the youngest CEO of the horse betting operator (at 34), and the first woman in this position. Emmanuelle Malecaze-Doublet joined PMU in September 2018. After being Administrative & Financial Director and then Marketing & Customer Director (2019), she became PMU's Marketing, E-commerce & International Director at the beginning of 2021. From October 2021 to July 2022, she had been Deputy Managing Director. Since her arrival at PMU, Emmanuelle Malecaze-Doublet's mission has been to make PMU and horserace betting more attractive again. She has thoroughly modernised the brand's image and offering, to make it more simple and more fun. As part of this, the customer experience has been rethought across all channels and completely revamped on the digital front, to be more in tune with players' expectations. Moreover, the betting offer has also been simplified to make it easier to understand. The modernisation of marketing tools has gone hand in hand with a growing culture of return on investment, in order to better manage sales initiatives. As Deputy Managing Director, Emmanuelle Malecaze-Doublet oversaw the company's transformation and, in particular, initiated a new phase in its strategic project to develop the transmission of horseracing betting to a broader audience. As CEO, she adopted at the end of 2022 a 3-year strategic plan aiming at putting horseracing back into the everyday lives of more and more French people, driven in particular by product innovation, especially digital wise, the densification of the network of sales outlets and the acceleration of the company's technological transformation. She has also moved the management culture towards a more cross-functional approach, promoting more open and inclusive management styles. Prior to this, Emmanuelle Malecaze-Doublet spent over 6 years with McKinsey & Company in France and the United States. She worked on missions in the consumer goods, retail and luxury goods sectors, both in France and internationally. She specialised in strategy, marketing, transformation and digital issues.