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  • Postgraduate Researcher & Climate activist
  • Imperial College London


Elsy T. Milan is a young Lebanese activist and research fellow at Imperial College London, laureate of the prestigious President Scholarship. Elsy first gained prominence as the first Lebanese female representative to the preCOP26 in 2021. Elsy is a Max Thabiso Edkins Climate Ambassador with the World Bank Group, an EU JEEL Connector as part of the EU Neighbourhood South Initiative and chosen by the UNDP Climate as one of the five most promising climate advocates in the MENA region. Elsy has been an active civil society member with experience as a campaigner with GreenPeace MENA and an Accoaite Professional at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Currently she is the Director of Secretariat of European Youth Energy Network (EYEN), ensuring an equitable energy transition for the youth. Lately, she has been chosen by the French Presidency to give the opening speech for the Paris Peace Forum 2023.