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Elisabeth MORENO

  • President
  • Ring Africa & Femmes@numérique & La puissance du lien


Madam Elisabeth Moreno, former Minister in charge of Gender Equality, Diversity, and Equal Opportunities from 2020 to 2022, has had a distinguished career spanning various sectors and continents. She has held key positions in both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as multinational technology companies across four continents - the United States, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In 2018, her expertise led her to become a consular judge, and she subsequently assumed the role of Vice President at Hewlett Packard, overseeing operations in the African continent. Currently, she serves as the Chairwoman of Ring Capital, an investment fund that combines social and environmental impact with business performance. Through this role, her focus is on empowering impact entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary resources to thrive. Additionally, she is the President of Ring Africa, where she actively contributes to shaping the entrepreneurial landscape within the continent. As a co-founder of LEIA Partners, Elisabeth Moreno supports leaders and organizations in developing and implementing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) governance strategies. Beyond her professional endeavors, Elisabeth Moreno is deeply engaged in philanthropic activities, most notably as the President of the Femmes@Numerique Foundation, where she strives to drive progress and empowerment for women in the digital sphere.