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Cécile Béliot is the CEO of Bel Group (The Laughing Cow®, Babybel®, Kiri®, Boursin®, Nurishh®, Materne®, Pom'Potes®/GoGo squeeZ®, Mont-Blanc®...) since May 2022. As the first woman, and the second executive who is not a member of the shareholder family to lead Bel, Cécile Béliot is in charge of deploying the Group’s vision and steering its strategy and performance, in line with its ambition to become the leader in healthy snacking, through development in three complementary areas - dairy, fruit and plant-based. In leading the Executive Committee, she is furthering the transformation of the Group and activating its new sustainable growth levers, including accelerating innovation, strengthening Bel’s positions internationally (USA, China, India) and through new distribution channels (e-commerce, out-of-home channels, etc.). Cécile Béliot joined the Bel Group in 2018 as Deputy CEO in charge of Strategy, Worldwide Markets and Growth. Faced with the crucial challenge of transforming the food sector, Cécile Béliot nurtures the conviction that the courage of leaders is decisive in advancing our food model so that it benefits both human beings and the planet. Working alongside Antoine Fiévet, Chairman of the Bel Group, she has led the Group's transformation towards an ever more sustainable and responsible performance model. In this role, she defined the pillars of the Group's strategy for a sustainable growth model that fully integrates its financial and non-financial challenges. With her background and international experience, she embodies a generation of leaders committed to inventing the future of the food industry and determined to have a positive impact on society. Previously, Cécile Béliot worked for 17 years at Danone where she held several marketing and management positions, including General Manager of Danone Eaux France & Benelux, and General Manager of One Danone. She started her career at Kraft Foods (Mondelez) after obtaining an MBA at Essec Business School.