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Catherine Lubochinsky is a professor at the University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas. She is an independent director of Banque Wormser and Attijari Bank (Tunis), and a member of the ACPR's Scientific Committee and Citéco's Scientific Board. Among her previous roles, she was a member of the ACPR's Collège de Supervision and Vice-Chair of the Scientific Committee. She has also been a director of LCH, Managing Director of the Global Risk Institute in Financial Services in Toronto, Chair of SUERF (The European Money and Finance Forum), a member of the European Shadow Financial Regulation Committee, and a consultant to various institutions and companies, including BNPP, Amundi, Metnext, Liffe-Euronext, and the Banque de France. Catherine Lubochinsky holds a PhD in banking, interest rate risk and futures markets.