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Going beyond communitarianism

Session 40 Amphi 5 July 7, 2024 11:45 - 12:45


It is at all levels of society that worlds must be connected and, achieving this also means identifying what separates them. The lack of dialogue between community groups is part of the walls that must be broken down to really live together, truly connect worlds. However, cultural diversity is a rich asset that our societies often exploit too little, or poorly. Obviously, intercultural education is a major tool in overcoming communitarianism. That said, helping various communities by supporting them in their integration, their contact with others and their resilience in the face of discrimination is the role of several actors, including the State, the media and civil society. How can we promote their social integration and encourage their civic participation? What are the economic and social obstacles to overcome? What public policies can be put in place to promote the inclusion of all community groups, avoiding discrimination, and how can the effectiveness of such policies be measured? What role must the media and businesses play in making society more inclusive and in the fight against stereotypes? How can companies and organizations promote diversity and inclusion?