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Bridging cultures across borders

Session 39 Amphi 4 July 7, 2024 11:45 - 12:45


One might have thought that globalization would encourage the circulation of cultural content and bring cultures closer together. Economists have shown that it feeds a certain form of uniformization and standardization of content between societies, while at the same time creating new cultural forms born of hybridization and exchanges within societies. These exchanges have intensified with the Internet and digital technology, formidable tools for disseminating information with virtually unlimited access. But growing tensions in international relations and increased competition for soft power have reduced the scale of these rapprochements. A better understanding of cultural differences, beliefs and national value systems can contribute to peace, as well as to the development of economic exchanges. Are countries and peoples closer to one another as a result of their cultural knowledge of one another ? Does this knowledge lead to greater tolerance? What role does education play? How can we take advantage of interculturality ?