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From Netflix to Tiktok, the upheavals of the audiovisual industry

Session 33 Amphi 3 July 7, 2024 10:15 - 11:15


The evolution of audiovisual consumption, which began in the early 2000s, first affected the entertainment sector, and led to the birth of streaming platforms, essentially dedicated to films and series. This use has grown massively, leading to a fall in audience ratings for traditional television, to the benefit of platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+. This evolution then affected the information domain: consumption of informational content shifted from television and other traditional media to social networks. While these initially presented formats relatively close to those of the original media, as on Facebook, offering evolved with the passing of generations, which gradually turned to other networks such as Instagram or TikTok. The latter is now the main medium watched by under-18s, including for news, with formats (short videos) far removed from the usual content. To reach audiences that are abandoning them, some traditional media have chosen to adapt: for example, Le Monde opened its TikTok account in 2020. The session will discuss these developments, from the point of view of business models, the consequences for shaping opinion and how to think about regulation in this new world.