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Cultivating intergenerational solidarity

Plenary 12 Amphi 2 July 7, 2024 09:15 - 10:15


The demographic ageing of our societies is creating a new and unprecedented generational situation: the growing proportion of over-60s is creating a significant new demographic segment, which is now separated by three or even four generations from another equally important segment, that of young people. The generational gap is widening at a time when it is widely acknowledged that the traditional values that held our society together are being eroded, individualism is taking precedence, and young people are being criticized for staying glued to their telephones. Yet, as the outbursts following Covid-19 and the nursing homes scandal have reminded us, concern for others and solidarity remain at the heart of our values. Mutual aid in response to dependency can be an expression of this within families, or within companies. As places where generations mix and experience is passed on, companies play essential roles in maintaining links between generations. How can we encourage intergenerational solidarity?