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  • Founder and President
  • Too Good to Go


An engineer, Lucie Basch started her career in the food-processing industry in the UK. Witnessing the scope of food waste in her branch, she quit her job and started thinking of a concept that would give any citizen a chance to fight food waste at their own level.

Because “collaboration is the new competition”, Lucie joined a couple of young entrepreneurs in Denmark that had a similar idea and together, they created Too Good To Go and launched it in 6 countries. Lucie launched Too Good To Go in France in June 2016, with great success.

Since then in France, the app has 6 million downloads, 13 million meals have been saved, Too Good To Go has more than 13 000 business partners and counts 80 employees.

Lucie also works in the global team to launch new countries. So far, Too Good To Go fights food waste in 14 countries in Europe (and soon in the USA), 36 millions meals have been saved, there are 45 000 partners and the app has 22 million downloads. Lucie is a Board member of France Digitale and a member of the Carrefour Food Orientation Committee.


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