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Christian CLOT

  • Founder & CEO
  • Human Adaptation Institute


Christian Clot, explorer-researcher, founder, and CEO of the Human Adaptation Institute is specialized in human mechanisms of adaptation to change, crisis and extreme living conditions. His expeditions have taken him to the most extreme environments and living conditions. He has experienced several involuntary confinements (stranded during storms, taken hostage and others) and has been in the theatre of major crises during tsunamis or ecological dramas. The observations he made on the humans undergoing these events led him to create the Human Adaptation Institute, to put these real situations into perspective with case studies and to objectify concrete actions, in order to better live through profound changes, including crises.

He wrote several books about how to manage extreme situation and prepare ourselves to the future, as “Explorer demain” ‘Robert Lafont 2019).


Photo © Bruno Madozier / Christian Clot

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