Hassanein HIRIDJEE

CEO - Axian

A graduate of ESCP Europe, Hassanein Hiridjee is a Franco-Malagasy entrepreneur. He has been running Axian since 1997.

Hassanein is not only a successful economic operator and a business expert. He is willing to invest in African SMEs to promote the African-born talent and develop the African private sector.

Hassanein is also an architect of the inclusive development of Madagascar, the Indian Ocean and the African continent. He is committed to investing on the long term and in vital infrastructures and services benefiting the local communities. Hassanein furthermore devotes a lot of energy and resources to promoting social progress and improvement of living conditions in Madagascar and its region, in particular thanks to the Telma Foundation, which has led remarkable initiatives in the educational sector. He is a passionate contemporary art collector and artist sponsor via the Foundation H. Hassanein Hiridjee was part of the last Jeune Afrique TOP100 influential personalities of the African continent.

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