The Agoras

To renew dialogue between economists and their public, Le Cercle des économiste partners with Franceinfo to organise three agoras within Les Rencontres Économiques d’Aix-en-Provence campus. Each day, the public will be invited to present their personal views or to ask their questions to economists taking part in the agora . Three major issues for our societies will be discussed : fiscal justice, social mobility and climate change.


Friday July 5 : 18h30 – 19h15
What Fiscal Justice ?
Coordination:  Hippolyte D’ALBIS (Le Cercle des économistes)
Modération:    Isabelle CHAILLOU (Franceinfo)
Witnesses  :    Alain TRANNOY (Le Cercle des économistes)
Stefanie STANTCHEVA (Harvard University)

Saturday July 6 : 18h35 – 19h20
How to Renew Social Mobility ?

Coordination: Françoise BENHAMOU (Le Cercle des économistes)
Modération:    Jean-François ACHILLI (Franceinfo)
Witnesses:       Augustin LANDIER (HEC Paris)
Julia CAGÉ (Sciences-Po Paris)

Sunday July 7 : 9h45 – 10h30
How to Strengthen our Climate Change Combat ?

Coordination  Patrice GEOFFRON (Le Cercle des économistes)
Modération    Jean-François ACHILLI (Franceinfo)
Witness           Bertrand BADRÉ (Blue Like an Ornage Sustainable Capital))

Meeting Point : In front of The Hall des Rencontres