Chang-Kong Professor of Economics - School of Economics, Fudan University

A leading figure in the studies of Chinese economy for the past 25 years, Professor Jun Zhang has focused his research on economic development in East Asia with particular regards to structural change, productivity, growth and institutional reform.

Pr. Zhang has authored and edited several books including Economic Transition with Chinese Characteristics: Thirty Years of Reform and Opening Up (McGill-Queen University Press, 2008); Transformation of the Chinese Enterprises (Cengage Learning, 2009); Unfinished Reforms of the Chinese Economy (World Scientific Publishing Ltd., 2013) and End of Hyper Growth In China?(Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

In January 2018, he was awarded the Bergson Prize by the American Association for Comparative Economic Studies(ACES) for his paper published in Comparative Economic Studies in 2015.


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