Sessions’ videos

Discussion with Abderrahmane Sissako How to Choose the World to Come ? Sports and Culture: What Role in the Metamorphosis of our Societies? Keys to Innovation Discussion with the President of Madagascar Toward a Clash of Nationalisms ? Access to Resources: The Central Issue Behind Conflict ? Welcome Address Conclusion & Final Statement What Metamorphoses for France ? How Will Europe Inspire the World ? Which Leadership for Tomorrow ? Can We Get Rid of Extreme Poverty? Is There a Global Answer to Migrations ? What Governance in a World Rattled by Climate Change ? What Transformations for Social Dialogue in the World of Tomorrow ? Disrupting to Rule Does Morality Impede Economic Development ? Where Do We Stand in Terms of Digital Democracy ? Will the Next Revolution Come From Biotech ? What Place for Europe in Tomorrow’s Digital World? How Much is our Data Worth ? What is the Best Precautionary Principle in an Unpredictable World ? Should We Trust Cryptocurrencies ? Will Blockchain Put an End to Intermediaries ? Can Cooperation Survive Without Trust ? Does Green Finance Reflect our Responsible Aspirations ? Will Fintech Reshape the Financial Sector ? Are Subscribers Captive or Free Consumers ? How Can We Promote Creativity ? R&D: a Driver of Knowledge ? Are Our Skills Time-Limited ? Which Education System for a Digital Society ? What Energy to Power our Future ? How to Manage a Crowded and Exhausted World ? Is the New Economy Overrated ? Is Industry 4.0 at the Service of Value Creation ? How to Protect Ourselves in a Risky World ? Can Companies Shape our Societies ? Which Health System in an Aging World ? Will Cities of Tomorrow Remain Human ? Is Europe Part of the Solution ? Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence ? What Impact Do Revolutions Have on Inequality? Where Do We Stand in the Digital Revolution Today ? Are Institutions Able to Adapt ? What Form Will Tomorrow’s Revolutions Take ? The Permanent Features of the World Age of Metamorphoses: between Continuity and Rupture