CEO & Co-founder - OWNEST

After managing the french division of a major Consulting and Training group during 4 years, Clément joined an insurance software company to ensure business growth, marketing and communication.

With a strong passion for new technologies, he discovered Blockchain in 2014, and got involved progressively in the industry to co-found Ledgys, one of the first Blockchain solutions start-up. Clément also is the co-founder and CEO of OWNEST, a Blockchain solution to transfer ownership, that allows real-time visualization of the owners of goods on supply chains.

To this day, the OWNEST solution has received many awards and is being used by many large companies.

Clément also helps executives and directors, in the deployment of Blockchain strategies.

@ownest_io & @ClementBL

Company / Institution Profile: www.ownest.io

Linkedin : linkedin.com/in/clementbl

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