6 Jul 2018

Welcome Address

A precursor theme, marker for the global economic discussion.

In order to choose the new edition theme and program, all 30 members of Le Cercle des économistes have led an intense thinking process for more than 4 months, collaborating with many academics, civil society representatives, French and foreign large companies’ CEOs. Following these enriching discussions, Le Cercle des économistes has chosen a very challenging theme, addressing central issues of our societies: “The World’s Metamorphoses: Our Evolution Challenged by Revolutions”.

A new world is coming out. For 3 days, Le Cercle des économistes will bring together key personas in economics from all around the globe in a demanding and uplifting conference program. They will try to grasp how to regain control over our evolution path, as we already face multiple revolutions and as more turmoil might be ahead.

At the forefront of economic thinking, often ahead of their time, Les Rencontres Économiques d’Aix-en-Provence have proven to be the favorite forum for many economic actors, in the public as in the private sector. This international event, unique in Europe, brings together more than 4000 spectators each year.

As it happened in the preceding years, it is likely that the discussions during this edition will impact the following economic debates.

The program is still in progress


Jean-Hervé LORENZI


Cercle des économistes

All the speakers