2003 edition

Europe, a new World Economy

The Third Rencontres économiques d’Aix-en-Provence gathered the 4th, 5th anf 6th of July on the theme “Europe a new World economy”


In 2003, the theme for our colloquium was “Europe, a new World Economy”. We met a few days after the publication of a proposal for a European Union Constitution as drafted by the European convention and on the eve of the European Union enlargement. Our focus was this planned constitution. But the internal constitutional stakes did not override the other important responsibilities of the European Union, notably those concerning its relationship with external partners.

Download the Final declaration 2003 of le Cercle des économistes

Towards a European model of economic and social Development

  • Participants : Erik Orsenna of the Académie Française, Abdou Diouf (Francophony Secretary General), Thierry Desmarest (Total).
  • Host : Eric Fottorino (Le Monde).

How to satisfy the basic needs

- How to satisfy the basic needs of the poorest countries (water, health, education) ?

  • Participants : Fathallah Oualalou (Minister of Finance and Privatization of the Kingdom of Morocco), Sid Ahmed Ghozali, Jean-pierre Hansen (Groupe Suez), Henri Proglio (Veolia Environnement).
  • Host : Dominique Rousset (France Culture).
  • Sessions planned by : Jean-Marie Chevalier and Pierre Jacquet (Cercle des Economistes), André Cartapanis (CEFI, Université de la méditerranée).

Is there a future for the European social model ?

The permanence of the European social protection systems, the social organization of companies and the continuation of a Public Service.

- How far can this system be reformed without challenging its very foundation ?

  • Participants : Jean-Paul Fitoussi (IEP Paris), Jean-Michel Charpin, Marc Guillaume; Christian Saint-Etienne (Cercle des Economistes), Jean-Louis Reiffers (CEFI, Université de la Méditerranée).
  • Host : Gabriel Milesi.

The New European Borders

  • Introduction : Christian de Boissieu (Cercle des Economistes, President of the Scientific Committee).

- Corporate Regulations for an enlarged Europe Starting with the juridical and legal evolutions whick took place in the original and new countries of the European Community, the main question is to know if the current approaches are enough both on the level of the accounting methods and the regulation of the profession as well as the organization of Corporate Management.

  • Participants : Pierre Coll (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Patrick Buffet (Suez); Philippe Camus (EADS), Dominique Desailly (Rise Conseil).
  • Host : Gérard Bonos (Radio Classique).
  • Session planned by : Jean-Pierre Boisivon, Bertrand Jacquillat, Jean-Dominique Lafay, Olivier Pastrè, Anne Perrot (Cercle des Economistes).

Spreading Growth from local Areas to the Whole of Europe

- How to stimulate growth locally ?

- What are the specific tools which encourage the development of “industrial districts” ?

- What part can the national and European authorities play ?

- How to make the structural funding efficient ?

- Can structures and networks be set up to promote growth ?

  • Participants : Jean-Paul Bailly (La Poste), Renaud Dutreil (Junior Minister for Small and Medium-sized Businesses / PME), Alain Lemaire (CNCE), Daniel Cuckierman (Veolia Environnement), Stéphane Salord (Aix-en-Provence City Council), Rémy Weber (Lyonnaise de Banque).
  • Host : Serge Marti (Le Monde).
  • Session planned by : Agnès Benassy, Elie Cohen, Dominique Roux, Daniel Vitry (Cercle des Economistes).

The creation of a European Financial Area

- Is there a need to create a European SEC / Securities and Exchange Commission ?

- At what stage are the movements for a financial restructuration in Europe ?

- How to mobilize savings towards growth ?

- How to develop the different financial instruments ?

  • Participants : Jacques-Henri David (Deutsche Bank), Philippe Lagayette (J.P. Morgan), Christian Noyer, Jean-François Théodore (Euronext), Philippe Wahl (CNCE).
  • Host : Jean-Marc Sylvestre (Television channel TF1).
  • Session planned by : Michel Aglietta, Anton Brender, Henri Guillaume, Catherine Lubochinsky, Jean-Paul Pollin (Cercle des Economistes).

Liberating Growth in Europe

- What reforms are necessary to increase potential growth ?

- How to improve Research and Development performances ?

  • Participants : Laurent Gouzènes (STMicroelectronics), Philippe Lemoine (Galeries Lafayette).
  • Host : Eric Le Boucher (Le Monde).
  • Session planned by : Patrick Artus, Jean-Paul Betbèze, Pierre Cahuc, Michel Didier, Pierre Dockès, Charles-Albert Michalet (Cercle des Economistes), Jean-Luc Gaffard ( Université de Nice).

The European Dream: Dialogue and Confrontation with the United States

  • Participants : Jim Adams (University of Michigan), Jean-Louis Gergorin (EADS), Hubert Védrine, Horst Siebert (Kiel Institute).
  • Host : Dominique Rousset (France Culture) and Serge Marti (Le Monde).
  • Conclusion : Jean-Hervé Lorenzi (President of the Cercle des Economistes).