Results of the 2014 competition

On 12 May 2014, the selection panel of the competition, chaired by Erik Orsenna , gave awards to five of the 100 finalists chosen earlier by the members of the Cercle des économistes.

Photo Jury Concours 2014

From left to right, the members of the 2014 selection panel:

1st row: André Cartapanis, Cercle des écobomistes, Erik Orsenna, de l’Académie française and President of the selection panel, Antoine Reverchon, Le Monde. 

2nd row: Bernard Foccroulle,  Director of the Aix Festival, Virginie Clayssen, Advisor to Alain Kouck, President of Editis, Vincent Lemerre, France Culture, , François Chérèque, President of l’Agence du Service Civique, Jacques Biot, President of Polytechnique , Bruno Raffaelli, Member of La Comédie Française and Hippolyte d’Albis, Cercle des économistes.

The 5 winners:

Emmanuel SCHNEIDER (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)

Emmanuel Schneider

A manifesto of disenchanted youth At a time when distrust between the younger and older generations is growing and inequality between generations is growing as well, it is an appropriate moment to reflect upon how to integrate young people into the arenas of politics and economics. The goal should be to put in place the right conditions for creating a “New Society.”


Lucie ZANELLO (Normale Sup Ulm, Paris)

Lucie ZANELLO Investing in one’s self for investment in the future Investing in the future is not the exclusive responsibility of a handful of «decision-makers»: rather, it concerns us all. The first step for investing in the future is to get involved in politics without necessarily becoming a politician: we should all become well-informed and take part in debating public issues today so that we can be up to the task of constructing the future of tomorrow!


Antoine SIGWALT (Université Paris I)

Antoine Sigwalt

Budgetary federalism in the service of Europe Minutes of an imaginary meeting of a new European institution with the task of evaluating the degree to which a federated Europe can respond to a world crisis shaking up global commerce in 2013. We offer a rough outline for a strong and autonomous Europe, able to undertake budgetary, fiscal and monetary structural reforms.


Virgile BOUSQUET (Université Lyon II)

Virgiel Bousquet

Let’s invest in shared mobility Seen through the lens of our experience in organizing passenger transportation for travelers, we offer our vision for a long-lasting form of mobility. Can we envisage a civilized policy with the potential of freeing us from our dependence on private cars for transportation? Are we capable of investing to create a better life by looking beyond the automobile for transportation alternatives?



Aurélie GAUDIEUX (Université de La Réunion)


Alice invests in the future Alice, a young woman from La Réunion, wakes up from a strange dream in which she has seen a vision of a future society that is perfectly optimalized and balanced but at the same time is deadly dull. To the socio-economic problems of today, she responds with plans to create networks among people in the area of waste management, hoping that future generations will be better educated to tackle such problems.   The 100 students invited to Economic Encounters 2014



Download the list of the 100 students (PDF).