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Jean-Hervé LORENZI

  • President
  • Les Rencontres Économiques


Present positions:

  • President of Les Rencontres Economiques d’Aix-en-Provence
  • Special Advisor to Isalt
  • Holds the Research Chair “Demographics transitions, economics transitions” of Risk Foundation;
  • Managing editor of the journal “Risques”;

Positions’ held:

  • President of Le Cercle des économistes
  • President of the Competitiveness Cluster “Finance, Innovation”;
  • Member of the Executive Board of Edmond de Rothschild France;
  • Independent Director of the Executive Boards of Euler Hermès and BNP Paribas Cardif;
  • Assistant Director of the Electronics and Informatics Industries Direction of the French Industry Minister (1982-1984);
  • Technical Adviser to the French Ministry of the Industry (1984-1985);
  • Economic Adviser to the French Prime Minister (1991-1992);
  • Chief Executive of the French Atomic Energy Center (1992-1994)
  • Managing Director of Gras Savoye (1994-2000)
  • Professor of Economics at the University Paris Dauphine (1992-2012);
  • Member of the French Economic Analysis Council (1997-2012).


  • Doctorate in Economics ;
  • Professor in Law and Economics.

Main publications:

  • Faust’s Mistake, Descartes, 2019
  • The future of our freedom with Mickaël Berrebi, 2017 Eyrolles
  • France, the distress of a youth, with HUAN X. and VILLEMEUR A., Eyrolles, 2016 ;
  • A world of violence, the global economy 2015-2030, with BERREBI M., Eyrolles, 2014 ;
  • France facing ageing, the great challenge, with XUAN H., Descartes & Cie, 2013 ;
  • And if the sun were to rise again over Europe, with PASTRE O., Fayard, 2013 ;
  • Rejuvenation and ageing of France, with PELLETAN J. and VILLEMEUR A., Descartes & Cie, 2012 ;
  • Right against left, with PASTRE O., Fayard, 2012.
  • The fabulous destiny of an intermediate power, Grasset, 2011 ;
  • The clash of populations: war or peace, with DOCKES P., Fayard, 2010 ;
  • Innovation at the heart of new growth, with VILLEMEUR A., Economica, 2009 ;
  • End of the world or end of crisis, with DOCKES P., Editions Perrin, 2009 ;
  • French Economic Analysis Council :
  • Long-term investments and investors, with GLACHANT J., QUINET A. and TRAINAR P., report n°91, 2010 ;
  • Private Equity and French capitalism, with GLACHANT J. and TRAINAR P., report n°75, 2008 ;
  • Political economy of the LOLF, with ARKWRIGHT E., DE BOISSIEU C. and SAMSON J., report n°65, 2007 ;
  • Deindustrialization, relocations, with FONTAGNE L., report n°55, 2005.

Economic field of expertise:

Technology ; innovation ; Economic Wealth ; industrial economy ; insurance ; Financing the Economy