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Entrepreneur for more than twelve years, I started my career in 2007. After graduating from high school majoring in logistics, I started my first company in the field of optical fiber, despite a lack of networking and no funds.

Concurrently to my company, I also created in 2007 a non-profit organisation called AGPR (Agir Pour Réussir), a Community Center in Cergy-Pontoise which is an important vehicle for social ties for all the inhabitants.

In 2012, during a trip in the United-States, I met with young people involved with freelancers. It made me want to work more on the occupational integration in France. These meetings were full of lessons and my own entrepreneurial experience, inspired me the project of « Les Déterminés ». The social success has to be linked with economic success and freelancers support.

Three years later, in 2015, I created the non-profit organisation « Les Déterminés », an educational and personalised path for the future freelancers who come from working class neighbourhoods and rural environment. The association gives them a complete training done by professionals, and provides them with a professional network to boost their company structure… and give them the same chances to succeed as others.

Today, “Les Déterminés” main goals are to grow and develop on all the French territory. Concurrently, the association is developing another line: employability to enable unemployed people to find a stable job.