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  • Président Directeur Général
  • Groupe Rocher


Bris Rocher has been the head of Groupe Rocher since 2009, a family-run organization totaling 10 brands (including Yves Rocher and Petit Bateau), 50 million customers and nearly 2.5 billion euros in turnover. He is the grandson of Yves Rocher, founder of the company and pioneer in the manufacture of cosmetic products that originate from plants. While remaining faithful to his local roots in Brittany and the values of his family, Bris Rocher has been blowing for a decade a modern and international wind on the Group. He is driven by a clear ambition: to make beauty and well-being accessible to all women.

Bris Rocher has a long-standing experience of the corporate world since he started working when he was 16 and spent several years in an audit firm before joining the family business in 2006. One key learning from that time is that nothing can be taken for granted and that a business model can only work if the fundamentals ensuring the credibility of the company are respected. His work over the past decade has been to open up new markets (in Africa and the Middle East among others) and to accelerate the modernization of Group Rocher’s portfolio, products and stores.

His commitment to environmental sustainability has led the Group to be a pioneer in this area and to make important investments in the past years to develop ranges of eco-responsible products requiring lighter packaging. While convinced by the personal experience of his grandfather that nature has a positive impact on people’s well-being, Bris Rocher drove the Group a step further in 2019 making it the first international group to adopt the status of «mission-driven company». His ambition for the next years is to invent a responsible future, as he explains it:

« In an increasingly urbanized and digitized world, it is essential to return to fundamentals and give back to nature the place it deserves in our society. And it is essential that brands be part of this commitment. Our “raison d’être” and this ambition to reconnect people to nature must therefore be at the heart of all our actions. I am convinced that doing this will help build a better world. »

Twitter Account: @BrisRocher



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