Founder & CEO - Plug and Play Tech Center

Saeed co-founded the Amidi Group in 1980, a conglomerate of privately-held business enterprises consisting of several domestic and international entities with significant manufacturing, distribution, trading, retail, and real estate holdings.

Saeed has been a technology investor since 1998 and co-founded Amidzad with his brother Rahim and Pejmon Nozad in 1999. He has been closely involved with many new emerging growth companies, including 3 investments with over $1B valuation: Paypal (acquired by eBay), Lending Club (IPO, Dec 2014) and DropBox.

Saeed founded Plug and Play, the ultimate startup ecosystem, in 2006. Since then, the Plug and Play portfolio has raised over $4B and created thousands of job opportunities in the tech sector.

His Plug and Play vision conceived a multi-national corporate platformfor Fortune 1000 companies giving corporations and investors access to the most innovative startup ideas, ranging from pre-seed all the way to public companies.

Currently he co-invests with more than 300 corporations from various industries including FinanceBrand & RetailIoTHealthTravel & HospitalityMobility, and Insurance.

Saeed is an active member of the tech community and a frequent contributor to numerous charitable foundations. He is also an active member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a world-class network of Fortune 500 CEOs, accomplished serial entrepreneurs, and veteran financial executives.

Company Profile:

Every year, we review 5,000 startups, invest in over 160, and run industry-specific accelerator programs to help you grow as fast as possible.

Within the programs, we connect our 150 corporate partners to the startups that are directly impacting their space. These introductions help both parties thrive together through investments, pilots, and acquisitions.

By seeing which startups work with our partners well, we recognize the companies worth investing in alongside our 180 leading Silicon Valley VC partners.

Match that with more than 365 networking events per year, office space on demand, and corporate introductions, we have created the ultimate startup ecosystem.

Twitter Account:  https://twitter.com/PlugandPlayTC?lang=en

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