Laurent HUSSON

Co-Founder and Chairman - CLIMATE CITY

Laurent Husson is Co-Founder and Chairman of CLIMATE CITY, the world’s first operator of airborne sensing systems dedicated to helping cities cope with climate change. Mr Husson created this unique climate-observing operator in 2015 in partnership with a climatology research scientist from Columbia University in New York and experts in the field of space remote sensing and aeronautical innovation. He has also headed for the last three years a private laboratory called EUROPEAN XLAB that is working to shape disruptive technologies and strategies spun off from the aviation and space industry, based in Toulouse.

Laurent Husson began his career in marketing of space applications in 1990, notably for ELTA (AREVA group), the world leader in the design and fabrication of satellite data-collection transmitters (Argos, Cospas-Sarsat). He subsequently formed the first consulting firm in France dedicated to marketing space technologies, expanding the business to Canada, the United States and Japan before joining the U.S. group Aon.

Before creating CLIMATE CITY, Laurent Husson was Vice-President, Marketing and Communication for the Italian group Telespazio in France.

Mr Husson holds a Senior Executive MBA from HEC (CPA). An alumnus of Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse and of the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique drama school, he has conceived numerous science outreach initiatives through the theatre and is the creator of Spoutnik Magazine, the first magazine on the history of the space adventure.

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