President - German Institute for Economic Research

Marcel Fratzscher is President of DIW Berlin, one of the leading economic research institutes and think tanks in Europe, and Professor of Macroeconomics and Finance at Humboldt-University Berlin.

The work of Marcel Fratzscher focuses on topics in macroeconomics, monetary economics, financial markets and global economy. In September 2014, his book « The Germany Illusion : Why we overestimate our Economy and need Europe » was published. It reveals Germany’s economic weaknesses and discusses critically the crisis of Europe. In his recent book « The Battle for Redistribution – Why Germany is becoming more unequal“ (March 2016) Marcel Fratzscher analyses the problems of the economy and society due to the high and rising inequality in Germany.

His prior professional experience includes work as Head of the International Policy Analysis at the European Central Bank (ECB) from 2001 to 2012 ; the Peterson Institute for International Economics in 2000-01 ; before and during the Asian financial crisis in 1996-98 at the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia for the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) ; and shorter periods at the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank.

He received a Ph.D. in Economics from the European University Institute (EUI) ; a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government ; a B.A. in Philoso¬phy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from the University of Oxford.



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  • Credit Provision and Banking Stability after the Great Financial Crisis: The Role of Bank Regulation and the Quality of Governance, Marcel Fratzscher, Philipp König, Claudia Lambert, in: Journal of International Money and Finance. (2016) , im Ersch. [online first: 2016-03-15]
  • The Scapegoat Theory of Exchange Rates: The First Tests, Marcel Fratzscher, Dagfinn Rime, Lucio Sarno, Gabriele Zinna, in: Journal of Monetary Economics. 70 (2015) , S. 1-21 
  • Germany Should Recall Its Time in Europe’s Sick Bay, Marcel Fratzscher, in: The Financial Times Europe (27.01.2015), [Online-Artikel]
  • After the Surrender, Allow Syriza to Claim Victory at Home, Marcel Fratzscher, in: The Financial Times Europe (10.03.2015), [Online-Artikel]
  • The German Locomotive Has Become Europe’s Liability, Marcel Fratzscher, in: The Financial Times Europe (28.08.2014), S. 7


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