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Eric Monnet is Director of Studies at EHESS, Professor at the Paris School of Economics and a member of CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research). He was an economist at the Banque de France from 2013 to 2019. He has published numerous articles on the history of the international monetary system, public debt, banking crises, financial markets and investment financing in France and Europe in the 20th century. His work also focuses on the history and current issues of central bank policies. His research in economic history has won awards from the Economic History Association and SUERF-Unicredit, among others, and in 2021 he was awarded the prize for best young economist (Le Monde - Cercle des économistes). His recent books include: Euro, les années critiques (2015), Controlling Credit: Central Banking and the Planned Economy in Postwar France, 1948-1973 (2018), La Banque-providence. Democratizing Central Banks and Money (2021).