Tengfei ZHENG

Director - Shanghai Little Bridge School

Young Leader, France China Foundation

Tengfei got her Bachelor’s degree in Science from Peking University in 2003 and a PhD degree in Biochemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014.

After graduation from MIT, Tengfei chose to leave academia and went back to China. She worked in Henan Provincial Department of Environment Protection for a year, focusing on air pollution management. Then she switched her career path to education. In the first few years, she designed curriculum for afterschool science education institute, and coached high school and undergraduate students for upper level degree application. In August 2016, Tengfei joined Shanghai Pinghe School, a private school with grade 1-12 students. She has been working on reconstructing a 12-year continuous science curriculum, aiming to offer good science literacy training to all students. She is also in charge of the opening and operation of a new primary school campus, Shanghai Little Bridge School, formatting the school curriculum scheme, including student, teacher and parent curriculums. Besides school management and curriculum design, she is also teaching IBDP chemistry and theory of knowledge for high school students and science for 1st graders.

Aside from her endeavors in school education, Tengfei is also active in public science dissemination by giving public lectures, publishing articles and leading workshops. As a ‘used to be’ scientific researcher, she loves to share her research work and scientific training to children and adults who are interested in science.

Shanghai Pinghe School (SPS), located in Pudong, Shanghai, was founded in 1996. In 2015, SPS was named by Forbes magazine as one of the eight most popular international schools in Shanghai. SPS has a complete 12-year education system from elementary school to high school, aiming to help the students become lifelong learners and world citizens rooted in Chinese culture. There are around 2,400 students on the main campus. And two separate middle school campus and two primary school campus opened in the past two years. SPS high school was certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization in 2002, and most courses are taught in English. More than 90% SPS graduates are admitted by top-50 US universities.In 2017, SPS opened a new primary school campus, Shanghai Little Bridge School.  As a new school, Shanghai Little Bridge School has already been a very popular choice among middle-class parents after only two-year operation.

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