Journalist, Deputy head of the economic section - La Croix

Laureate (2017) for the best economic and financial article awarded by the Banque de France and the economic and financial journalists association.

Specialist of macro-economics. Also covering tech, industry and french economy.

Member of the scientific council of “Citeco” (La Cité de l’économie, first museum in Europe dealing with  economy)

Jury member of the Best Economic Book Award.

2001: Graduated from the “CUEJ” (Strasbourg school of journalism), after getting the the diploma from the Institut d’études politiques d’Aix-en-Provence (in 1999)

1997-1998: One working year in “Le Soleil”, Senegalese daily newspaper

Published in 2015: « Greece, portrait of a people in crisis (s) » in the review “Etudes” (November issue).


Twitter Account: @MarieDancer99

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