Professor of Development Economics and Environment - University of Manchester

Bina Agarwal is Professor of Development Economics and Environment at the University of Manchester. She has been Director and Professor, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi President, International Society for Ecological Economics; Vice-President, International Economic Association; and  President, International Association for Feminist Economics. She has held distinguished positions at Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Michigan, Minnesota, and New York University School of Law.

In her 89 papers and 12 books, Agarwal has written extensively on farmers’ cooperation, land and property rights, agrarian change, environmental governance, institutions, and inequality, especially from a political economy and gender perspective. Her recent books, both from Oxford University Press are: Gender and Green Governance (2010) and Gender Challenges (2016), a three volume compendium of her selected papers, covering Agriculture, Property, and the Environment respectively. She also writes for English language dailies.

Her many awards include the Edgar Graham Book Prize 1995; A.K. Coomaraswamy Book Prize 1996; Malcolm Adiseshiah Award for Development Studies 2002; Ramesh Chandra award for Agricultural Economics 2005; Padma Shri from the President of India 2008; Leontief Prize 2010 for advancing the frontiers of economic thought; Order of Agricultural Merit (officer) 2017, France; Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize 2017; and the International Balzan Prize 2017.




Of the many global challenges we face today, the most significant and immediate is food security, as also recognised in the SDGs. I will therefore focus on food, and in particular food distribution and production. Both are key elements of sustainable consumption.

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