Journalist - La Repubblica

2015-present: staff special correspondent in Paris, France

2000-2015: staff international reporter for LA REPUBBLICA media group: including daily newspaper, radio and webtv “LA REPUBBLICA TV.”

Special reports from USA, France, United Kingdom, Northern Europe.

1999: staff reporter for local edition in Florence of LA REPUBBLICA.

1997-1999: freelance journalist for LA REPUBBLICA, for RAI and EURONEWS television, and for RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE

1996: Intern in Paris at LE MONDE, french newspaper and at AFP news agency


2017: “Tour de France” (Ed. Clichy) Specials reports in France during presidential elections

2015: “Le Kiosquie de Charlie” (Ed. Equateurs) Memoir about french terrorist attacks

2012: “Falsi Amici” (Ed. Fandango) An essay about relation between France and Italy

2010: “Pensare l’impossibile” (Ed. Fandango) An essay on the women’s condition in Italy (Fandango Libri)

2007: “Non Calpestate le Farfalle”: book about Cambodia and Khmer Rouge regime published by Sperling&Kupfer.

2003: “Premio Ischia”: national award for best young journalist.

2002-2007: Director of non-fiction collection “Documenti” on essays by foreign journalists like Jon Lee Anderson, Robert Fisk, John Pilger, James Risen.

1999: “Premio Ilaria Alpi-Ordine Giornalisti”: national award for best young journalist


Débat 8: Vivons-nous dans une tyrannie de la transparence ?

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