Minister for Employment and Integration, Sweden

Ministry of Employment

Party: Swedish Social Democratic Party.

Areas of responsibility
Employment issues. Responsible for coordinating the introduction of people who were born abroad into Swedish society.

Ylva Johansson is born 1964. She lives in Stockholm, is married and has three children.

Educational background
Stockholm Institute of Education (1991-1992)

Teacher education programme, mathematics and physics, Lund University (1985-1988)

Positions and assignments
Minister for Employment and Integration (2014- )

Member of the Riksdag, Deputy Chair, Committee on the Labour Market (2010-2014)

Member of the Riksdag, Deputy Chair, Committee on Health and Welfare (2006-2010)

Minister for Health and Elderly Care 2004-2006

Deputy Managing Director and Managing Director,  Att Veta AB (2000-2004)

Senior Advisor, Telia Business Innovation (1998-1999)

Minister for Schools (1994-1998)

Teacher, mathematics/physics/chemistry (1992-1994)

Member of the Riksdag (1988-1991)

Teacher, mathematics/physics/chemistry (1988)

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